We believe that no survivor of gender-based violence should have to stand alone, and we strive to end violence through comprehensive cultural change.

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We are Survivor Strong.

It is our mission to provide educational opportunities for our community and access to holistic healing and support for survivors of gender-based violence and abuse.

We believe that support and community can be a catalyst for healing, and education and awareness are the keys to prevention.

Our Services


Survivor Strong honors survivors and builds community by making spaces for survivors to be seen, heard, and listened to.


Survivor Strong provides educational opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence, their allies, and the surrounding community.


Survivor Strong advocates for survivors of gender-based violence, because we know the importance of community in the healing journey.

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Amanda V.

“They are already creating ripples of positive change for gender based violence.”

Emmy S.

“Thank you for spreading awareness and shedding light on the power of community, culture, subjectiveness of justice, and unity. I was blown away by your resiliency and genuine compassion.” 

Monte W.

“Hearing how (victims) deal with it, cope with it, they went pretty deep. I appreciate that. I think it’s real helpful.”

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