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Stronger Together: Building Strength in Community

Survivor Strong provides educational opportunities for the community and access to holistic healing and support for survivors of gender-based violence.

Our Stronger Together workshops teach boundaries, communication, and self care skills.  We want to give students tools for successful, healthy relationships and self empowerment.  Survivor Strong knows that a safer, healthier world is possible if we learn together, heal together, and work together, as a community, to end violence and abuse.

LEARNing from Survivors

While there is no map for healing after trauma, there are steps that we can all take to help a victim through the aftermath of abuse or assault, especially within the legal profession.

LEARNing from Survivors is a trauma-informed approach to the prosecutorial process. This step-by-step training will help aid victims through their cases. Survivor Strong knows that a trauma-informed prosecutorial practice can be a catalyst for a victim’s journey toward healing. 

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Contact Survivor Strong for more information on trainings, workshops, and booking: info@survivor-strong.org

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