Simple self care.

In February 2020, Survivor Strong began hosting self-care circles for survivors and allies in the greater Lansing area. At these bi weekly healing and self care circles, Survivor Strong team members lead activities based in self-expression, self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-love.   

Full of soft seating, calm music, crafts, and good vibes, our HART (healing and respite time) room is the perfect location for survivors of sexual assault to form community and heal together, while making feel good crafts that will aid in future self care. 

This year, Survivor Strong will also host more talk based support circles in our HART Room. Our advocate has already been providing direct advocacy services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and will soon be providing the same services in a group setting.  We can’t wait to provide the safe space we know so many survivors are longing for.

Upcoming Simple Self Care Events

Flora and Feels

We are firm believers in the healing power of plants. They bring feelings of vitality, they improve your state of mind, and studies show that connecting with nature increases relaxation. Come pot a plant and join us while we heal and grow.

Calming Candles

Candles can be used In many different stress relieving activities. Come create a candle specific to you. Experiment with scents, and find the one that can help bring you serenity.

Kiddie Crafts

It is never too early to talk about self care! During this circle we will return to childhood to focus on positive self talk, and create a self care craft that is kiddo tested and approved.

Making Masks

Face masks are a quick way to add self care to your weekly routine. Create a face mask that truly caters to your needs. Treat yourself!

Knitting (not quitting)

Imagine yourself in your favorite spot, knitting stitch by stitch, so relaxed you lose track of the time. As quickly as stress and worries enter your brain they are released into your yarn.

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