Stronger Together: Building Strength in Community.

Stronger Together is Survivor Strong’s educational module for high school, and early aged college students.

Survivor Strong’s ‘Stronger Together’ workshops teach boundaries, communication, and self-care skills.  We want to give students tools for successful, healthy relationships, and we have found that the best way for that is through self-empowerment. As an organization we truly believe that a healthier, safer, stronger world is possible. This will only happen if we learn to heal together, learn together, and work together. Once this starts to happen as a community, we will start to see an end to violence and abuse.


Stronger Together pairs CDC statistics about relationship violence, and sexual assaults with both evidence and experience based approaches to violence prevention. We discuss how healthy boundaries keep us safe and sane, and they make our relationships stronger.  We also address the differences between healthy, unhealthy, and toxic relationships, not just in romantic relationships but also in friendships, working relationships, family relationships, etc. 


Students learn how unhealthy and toxic behaviors lead to dating violence, and ways to help themselves or others out of these relationships. They will learn all of the options just in case they or someone they know experiences mental, physical, or sexual violence, and they will leave the workshop feeling empowered with knowledge and ready to improve the health of their own personal relationships. 


Here, at Survivor Strong, we firmly believe healthy relationships and good communication are necessary for the foundation of a strong, loving community.  We have done the research and we are deeply invested in education, so please contact us at so we can help build strength in your community.








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